The Last Sunrise of 2017

Ah, the last day of the year.  This morning I was able to capture the last sunrise of 2017.  The last sunrise of 2016 wasn’t nearly as remarkable… The photos are grainy because I will never learn how to use my camera and let it perform in all its glory the way it was designed to do, but a new year lies just ahead, so there is hope, right?

It was deathly cold again this morning.  Seven degrees. The winter routine takes place regardless… make the coffee.  Start the fire. Put on layers and layers of warm clothes. Feed the animals.  Barn chores. Wonder what the new day will bring…

I wake up in the mornings to a cold and empty stove, but I can have it roaring back to life and dancing with flames in less than ten minutes.

It was 60 degrees in the house this morning when I woke up.  Fine in my opinion, though I’m sure some would disagree.  But I don’t understand people who want to walk around in shorts in the house in winter and then cover up in blankets and sweatshirts in the air-conditioning in summer.  Let the season’s be! I do have the option to heat with an electric furnace.  To hell with that. I hate that kind of heat. I don’t do air-conditioning either : )

I’m ready to put all the holiday stuff away, along with 2017 s well.  The tree will come down first thing tomorrow morning.  I always look forward to putting everything away and forgetting about it until next December.

Start fresh, as they say.

I’m already tired and bored with the snow.  The chickens rarely lay any eggs. They’re over it too.  But the seed and garden catalogs are starting to arrive in the mail.  My pacifiers until spring.

When its cold and snows like this I think of people living in places like Alaska.  So much dark, so little summer and growing season.  So much ice and snow… I don’t think I could ever get used to it.

Later today I’ll be preparing a pork tenderloin, along with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.  There will be some lentils on the side as well.  I’ll need all the good luck I can get heading into next year.

On that note, Happy New Year’s Eve and Great Health, Luck and Prosperity in 2018 my Friends! ~A




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