Eggs, tiny chickens, goats and a pig in the house.

About two weeks ago, I was working in the barn and had just finished the chores for the morning and decided to take a stroll and update you on some of the animals.  It was a nice warm day in the upper 70’s and the chickens and goats were out enjoying the Autumn sun.

The bunnies received a new addition to the herd.  (Look it up – a bunch of rabbits is called a “herd,” just like cows). See that big grey male rabbit in the upper left corner of the photo?  He’s the new breeding bunny for the girls.  Unfortunately that means the old breeding bunny will have to go soon (to the dinner table).  Rabbits don’t live forever.

The goats were out enjoying the sun, and their new boyfriend apparently…  Although “Sweet Pea” still isn’t very interested in him.  I think she’ll come around but who knows – she’s a strange, stand-offish kind of goat.  Not mean in any way, but quite and keeps to herself.

The big highlight that afternoon was finding a little surprise that my favorite tiny little chicken “Fancy” left for me. This is Fancy…

She weighs only mere ounces.  This next picture shows you just how small she is compared to a normal sized chicken…

She lays tiny, off-white colored eggs.  And not very often, unfortunately.  About twice a year she’ll start laying for about two weeks, and then stop.  The problem is she’s usually very discreet about where she lay her eggs and you never find them until months later – if ever.

I have two other chickens her size – both roosters.  One lives in the house (he’s spoiled), one lives outside.  The smaller of the two lives outside and I always hoped he and Fancy could make more little chickens.  Problem is, Fancy never sits on her eggs.  She prefers some other hen’s regular sized eggs and she’s so small she can only hatch one of the big eggs.  It’s ridiculous really.  Within a couple of weeks the hatched chick is already bigger than her.

This is Fancy’s rooster boyfriend.  I hope…

And in this next photo is the surprise I found that Fancy (and one normal size hen) left me to discover.  I put all of Fancy’s little eggs into the incubator and I’m hoping for a small miracle in a couple of weeks… If nothing hatches I’ll be pissed.  And then give up. And then I’ll blame it all on the Time Change.  Stupid, stupid time change…

Last, I chatted up the little pig and informed her that she’d be moving into my freezer house sometime in February or March.  She seemed a little distrustful of me after that…

Happy November!…  ~A 


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Where can I find an uncensored shot of those goats?? 😆👏

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