The shockingly huge zombie squash plant – an update

Remember the strange green zombie pumpkin squash I mentioned back in THIS POST? The squash that I dried, saved and planted the seeds of in early June? Well guess what… It grew. *surprise*

Mon Abri Farm 2017

And then it grew some more… it was looking very impressive.

Mon Abri Farm 2017

And then it grew yet some more… O.M.F.G!

Mon Abri Farm 2017

I have no idea how big this plant monster is going to grow or how far it’s going to spread.  It hasn’t even had a single squash blossom emerge yet.  We’re eighty-some days from Halloween, so there’s hope it’ll produce something by then. Something other than vines and leaves. Like maybe a green pumpkin squash.

For now, I’ll just stare in awe at it’s gargantuan jungle-sized leaves.  Sometime around Halloween though I’ll be digging out my machete. By then It may have covered my entire house. ~A

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