Farm Updates 06.14.17

Mid June now and it’s finally beginning to feel like Summer.  The horse flies have made their appearance to annoy the hell out of the horses.  Mosquitoes have made their appearance to annoy the hell out of me… The usual stuff that signals summer has arrived.

Speaking of stuff – I stuffed about 20 quail eggs into the incubator to see if I can get anything to hatch in about 17 days. The three quail are getting old.  It’s time to replace them. I need new quail to keep those delicious quail eggs coming.

The main garden is starting to resemble a real, actual garden again… Water and heat does wonders.

This hen hatched out some new fluff-bling for the farm – ten of them…

No Naked Necks were born in this bunch. I guess the naked neck rooster isn’t getting as “lucky” with the lady hens as the other two roosters. Poor stupid chap…

The pups are freakin’ crazy. I think they found my stash of caffeine pills. They never stop moving… Ever.

And then there’s Shitty Kitty… mesmerized by what he thinks is the biggest, coolest string-toy in the entire world. Cats…

So there you have it – the current status of the funny farm. Not much really going on here at the moment.  ~A




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