My new toy…

Ah the new toy… Okay, so it wasn’t a fancy space-age lawnmower like someone guessed, but thanks to that person mentioning it, I now want a fancy space-age lawnmower… My dogs would love it.

So then, what was in the box?

My new Canon EOS Rebel T5i Digital Camera!  And a bunch of other lenses and stuff that came with it…  I’m so thrilled – I’ve been longing for one for quite some time now.

I have absolutely NO clue  how to use the damn thing. It’ll take me months to learn. Which means you might have to endure some not-so-great photos until I get a grip on this thing.

Until then, enjoy the few pics I took yesterday of the shy little filly who is now two months old. Her name is Bertie. Look how much she has grown since April!  (Click here)

These photos were taken with the old camera of course…  ~A 

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