The toys we love…

I bought myself a present for my 45th birthday last month.  A new toy I’ve been wanting for a while now.  I splurged a little.  One doesn’t turn 45 every day you know…

It arrived in a rather large box.  Which actually turned out to be a box inside a box. It was stuffed with enough blister packs to keep a falling elephant from breaking anything that was inside.  The box was marked “Fragile.”

My new gift to myself has been keeping me busy – pulling me away from blogging, sleeping and farm chores. And bathing on the weekends.

Did I mention I was able to get it in my favorite color?

My new gift keeps me running all over the farm.  I don’t have a clue how to handle it yet, or make it do what I want.  That will take a lot more time as I’m starting to find out.

I’m able to control it about as well as my wandering chickens, who believe playing in the road is an ideal chicken pastime…

Any clue what my present to myself is?  I let you know Thursday. ~A

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