Fruit Trees Update

Remember the unexpected frost I talked about in my last post? Looks like it turned out to be harmless. My fruit trees are still going strong. Here’s my little pear tree…

Everything looks good.  And remember the apple tree that had a ton of blossoms on it the last time I showed it to you?

It’s now sporting tiny little apples.  There is hope people!

And I’m going waaay out on a limb here (no pun intended) but I might even get a plum or two. Check this out…

Plums! At least I think those are plums forming?  It could also just be my wishful thinking. I’m calling it plums. So there.

I know, I know… I drool way too much over my trees and I promise this is the last update for a while.  The trees and their fruits have a few months to grow before I can get too excited about pies, jams and tarts. ~A  

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