Unexpected Frost

Another frost came around just a few days ago. I wouldn’t call it a hard frost necessarily, but it was cold enough outside to freeze the water in the bird bath.

The grass was covered, but only on the tips.

Some areas were covered heavier than others.

But the sun was rising and it burned it all off pretty quick.

You could actually see the frost melting into the air…  The night before, I covered my poor little fig trees with feed sacks in an effort to try and protect them.  I hope it worked.

I’m guessing the tiny plums that were developing will be a total loss, but I had nothing large enough to cover the plum tree with because I used my only tarp on the pear tree. I was totally unprepared.

It’s frustrating when you spend so much time, energy  and money trying to get your plants and animals to develop and produce something in return for you, knowing all along in the back of your head the elements of nature can come forth and wipe it all out in an instant. Ah, but then Mother Nature can be a real bitch sometimes… ~A




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