May Ponderings & Pear Trees

Here we are in May already.  Hard to believe. Although it doesn’t feel like May this week, it feels more like the first week of April should feel. I think Mother Nature is suffering dementia of some sort.

Either way, it’s May.  And on the first day of May, I somehow turned 45 years old. I’m now considered to be more than half-way through my life. Damn. It doesn’t really bother me.  It just means I’m that much closer to retirement, that much closer to menopause, and that much closer to having fruit trees full of fruit.  You see, each year that goes by means the fruit trees are that much closer to bearing fruit. Oh, and did I mention that I’ll be living until the age of 120?  So I should be seeing tons of fruit by then – If I can still see…

Last night I was taking a stroll around the Orchard.  I love saying “Orchard” – It makes me daydream that I have one of those European properties listed on Christies.  You know – the kind where you spend your time strolling through your vineyards and orchards and perfect gardens because you actually have time to do that sort of thing because you have 20 employees who take care of it all for you. Yeah – those kind of properties.

Anyway, the flowering blooms are falling off the fruit trees now, and the big thrill during my walk was discovering all the little pears on one of my pear trees. And If you remember, this tree only produced its first pears last year.

Three pears to be exact. Three whole tiny pears. Not enough to make a French Pear Tart, but enough to absolutely thrill me silly.

This year looks to be a lot more rewarding in the pear department – barring any big hail, wind storm, giant locust, goat, or nuclear bomb activity…

And look at all these little pears…

After I finished drooling over the pear tree, I moved on to the oldest apple tree on the farm.  It’s 5 years old now.

This is the first year it has really bloomed, and boy did it – last week this tree was covered in beautiful white blossoms.

So there you have it.  If the stars align, there will be an apple pie in my near future, fresh from the oven, cooling off right next to a pear tart… ~A

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