13 Key Benefits of Walking

I’m going to make the effort to start walking more. Big deal right?

Time is such a limited resource in my life these days that I often, embarrassingly, forget how nice it is to take a walk down to the back of my property and admire the creek, trees and vegetation that resides there. And sometimes, it’s just good to step away from the barn and go for a walk. My mutts agree wholeheartedly.

Walking has benefits. Do you know what happens to your body and mind when you walk consistently for thirty minutes each day? Grab some coffee, sit down, and I’ll tell you.

Your mood will improve… Ya big ol’ grump-ass.   Oh wait – that’s me : )

Regular walking changes your nervous system in a way that causes you to experience a decrease in anger and hostility. I wonder how the world would differ if everyone took purposeful, thirty minute walks each day? And maybe even, ahem, said hello to their neighbors…  I’m thinking big here – I know.

Walking outdoors exposes you to natural sunlight, which we all need to build our vitamin D levels (and our sanity) during dark winter months.

Walking increases your creative thinking. This is good, because I don’t have much “creative” in me.

Walking improves your body’s response to insulin, which helps reduce fat. It also increases your metabolism, which means a little less ass-fat on the ol’ body…

Regular walking lowers your blood pressure by as much as 11 points and drops your risk of having a stroke (or a “hemorrhage,” as my Grams used to call it…) by 20-40%.

Walking will make your legs look fabulous! Or at least feel a little more fabulous.

Walking will make you more “regular,” if you know what I mean. Gross, I know, but important nonetheless.


There is now evidence that walking may retard the onset of dementia.

Getting up and walking around for two minutes after every hour of sitting will increase your lifespan by 33%. Two simple minutes!

Walking improves your sleep, supports your joints and circulation, and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Walking boosts immune function and prevents bad falls of the elderly by improving their balance.

And… if you share your walks with your dogs, (and sometimes your cats and goats too…) your dogs will benefit by decreasing their loneliness, increasing their physical and mental health, maintaining their weight, and strengthening the bond they share with you.

Don’t forget to take deep breaths of fresh air while you walk.  Fresh air is good.

Now go grab a thermos full of coffee, water or wine, and take a nice long walk. ~A

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