A headless rooster and other ramblings…

Ever see a rooster running around with it’s head cut off?

Me neither – that would be gross.  And a little creepy.  No worries, little Frankie was just shaking his head vigorously.

He’s much prettier with a head.

This morning felt and sounded like spring.  A lot of fog was happening with the ground thawing out and the air warming up.  The birds were singing.  Chickens are starting to go “broody.”

There are two of them right now, who are missing the feathers on their bellies. They’ve pulled them all out so they can sit on eggs with the intention of hatching them.  Pulling the feathers out allows the hen to keep her body in contact with the eggs for better heat and humidity control.  Think of it as a living heating pad…

The fog didn’t keep the flock from going about their morning business.

I love these kind of mornings. And it’s hard to get in the car and head off to work in the city.  I want to linger on the farm and watch the morning unfold, and the sky light up.

I think mornings were meant for lingering, drinking hot beverages, and taking in the sights and smells of the beginning of a new day.  A time to be still and think about things, and ponder what life’s all about.  Rush hour traffic does not facilitate these things.  Just my opinion…

My barn is not crooked.  My photography skills are.

I love opening up the back barn door and staring out into the fog.  It’s like opening up the door of the Tardis to see where you’ve landed.  Mysterious!

It’s almost time to put eggs into the incubator and replenish the flock.  Spring is officially here.

It’s also nearing time for Sweet Pea to have a baby if she is indeed pregnant. Doesn’t much look to me like she is this morning…. I hope she’s just “hiding it well.”

Another sixteen days or so before we can be sure.  We can’t get excited for fresh goat milk yet…  ~A



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