Whining about the weather

Though whining certainly won’t change anything…

Yesterday, the weather turned again to the dark side – today’s high will only be 27° F. Overnight, it will dip down to 17° F.  A lot of snow is heading this way today unfortunately.  Saturday will be a little warmer – in the 30’s, and Sunday should not be too bad – in the 50’s.  This kind of weather gets me moody and not happy be be outside at all.  Maybe I should get a start on painting my kitchen, and stay inside. Oh by the way, “Mindful Grey” is winning...

And I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for the time change on March 12th.  After that I will be able to finally come home from work and have at least an hour, maybe more, to work outside and actually SEE my farm, instead of wandering through the dark trying to do evening chores.  That will definitely lift my spirits.

A little snow is hanging around, and the fields and pastures look cold and lonely.

I have some fencing to fix before the horses can go back out into the main pasture this spring.  The electric fence was severed by some frantic deer crossing through, and has to be reconnected in order to keep the fence wire “hot.”  As of now no electric flows through the top fence line and two of my horses have figured this out. They push right on through to find “the grass that’s greener…” And visit the neighbor’s horses.

My hay supply is getting low, as it is for most farmers this time of year, but the horses will be held off the pasture until late April or early May in order to give the new grass time to get a good start and establish strong growth.  When I do this, the horses are able to graze late into the fall without eating down all the grass and leaving the pasture bare. And I save money on hay and grain, which of course makes me happy.

I bought myself an indoor plant with the hope of perking up my kitchen, but with dark gloomy skies and snow dusting the ground, even the poor plant is having a hard time smiling.

March came in like a lion of course, with high winds and storms.  Let’s hope this is the last of the daytime temperatures below 35° and that we can move forward and watch things start to bloom and grow. Looking back to this time last year, I was reminded that this weekend would be a good time to make a trip to Tractor Supply and see what fun garden things they have out this season.  That’ll make me smile!  ~A 

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