How I cheated…

Sometimes I get really bad cravings that I simply must satisfy.  There is a tavern about 30 minutes from my home that makes what I consider to be the absolute best fried fish sandwich in the world.  Maybe even the universe.

So what’s the problem you ask?  The problem is that I want this fish sandwich often, and the tavern is 30 minutes from my home – in the opposite direction of my place of employment.  I just don’t have that kind of time in my life to satisfy my “absolute best fried fish sandwich in the world” craving…

So I cheated.  I had to find a way to make something similar, that would carry me over until my next visit to “The Lake.”

On my way home from my job there is a local farm market, that just happens to always have fried fish available.  And it’s pretty good.

I decided that with a nice fresh bakery roll, some tartar sauce, lettuce and the fish, I could come pretty close to eating something that would satisfy my Caudate Nucleus (the striatrum in the center of the brain which controls the body’s dopamine reward system).

Are you with me?  I’m sayin’ that sandwich is my “dope” man… I WANT it!

I buttered, then toasted my bun in a frying pan, heated my fish in the toaster oven, grabbed my tartar sauce and lettuce and was ready for the moment of truth…

How was it?  It was close.  Close enough and good enough that I’ll be doing it at least once a week.  Or whenever I get that craving, and just don’t have the time for a visit to the Tavern.

So yes, I cheated. Please don’t tell the Tavern…  ~A

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