Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea has around 41 days left to go, according to goat gestation calculations. For those of you who may not know, the gestation period for a goat is between 148-152 days, with 150 days being the average, per the American Goat Society’s Gestation calculator.

Sweet Pea was bred to a buck on November 8, 2016.  According to the calendar her due date is April 6th.  I wrote down April 8th originally, but my math sucks so we’ll go with the American Goat Society. I’m guessing they know goats pretty well…

So the week of April 6th will either be big excitement or extreme dissapointment. It could go either way.  I assume she’s pregnant, but I can never call these things very well – I’m speculating.  She does look more “round” in the belly, but that could mean she’s helping herself to her share of feed, and also that of the five rabbits who live in her stall.  Hard to say.

The little goat that you see with Sweet Pea is a little overweight.  She helps herself to all the feed the horses drop.  I rarely keep her in a stall so she basically eats what she wants all day.  This will change when the fruit trees start budding… then all goats will be on lock-down, or fully supervised when running around the yard.  Or shot in the head, on the spot, for eating my young fruit trees.  Just kidding. Maybe. Relax! I would never dare.

Sweet Pea is a very shy goat.  She will not readily approach people, not even me. She’s getting better – she used to be completely crazy and try to jump walls to get away from me.  Now I can grab her collar and brush her and lead her.  My hope is that once she has the kid(s) she will settle down more, otherwise I have no clue how I’ll milk her.  I do love her horns – aren’t they fantastic! ~A



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