I dream of painting…Then I panic.

Some people have a knack for decorating and choosing paint colors.  I do not.  I find it extremely daunting to choose paint colors.  When I go to a DIY store I stand in the paint section, agonizing over color pallets, my brain unable to grasp which color will work with another or what the end result will look like on my wall.

Then I ponder what could possibly work with all the oak in my little farmhouse, and then I understand why all my walls are painted white. Likely, because the previous owners felt the same freakin’ agony over choosing a paint color as I do.  Really, I panic. I get heart flutters and nearly pass out with dizziness.  It’s exhausting.

However, I really need to start painting and decorating my house.  I’ve lived there since 2012 and all I’ve managed to do is tear down the ugly kitchen boarder. And that was last summer…

(Pardon the mess…)

Yesterday I discovered this little trick on the Sherwin Williams website where you can try out colors with an actual picture of your own house.  So I tried it out and I’ve started to feel a little more at ease.  I can experiment with colors without actually having to paint… or lug home 4,965 paint samples.

So, here is my current boring white kitchen wall…

“Boring White,” “Dirty White” or maybe they called it “Bird-shit White?” Who knows…

Here are the seven color choices I’ve finally nailed it down to, thanks to that brilliant Sherwin WIlliams website(no affiliation-just wanted to share the info.)

“Recycled Glass”
“Clary Sage”
“Attitude Grey”
“Mindful Grey”
“Silver Mist”

And finally….

“Lemon Meringue”

So there, you get the idea… Come hell or high water (probably bothone of these seven colors is going to happen on my kitchen walls before summer sets in.  Sure, I’ve narrowed it down to 7 choices instead of 4,965. Though I could still use some help.  Would you mind voting to tell me which color you think would work best?  Sincerely – Your interior-decorating-challenged farmer friend… ~A

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What color should I paint my kitchen?

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