“Hello Angels…”

People say goats will eat anything and everything.

“I swear to you Riley, I have teeth…” – Chiba

This is simply not true.  Not one of my goats will eat a pastrami on rye with Dijon mustard. Maybe it’s the mustard? They won’t eat chicken eggs either. Or people… Thankfully.

But they will eat every leaf and strip the branches off a young fruit tree. In nanoseconds… I can promise you that. They also like to eat fresh-cut wood.

I will tell you they are highly curious animals.  They can’t help but get into, check out, knock over, climb upon and taste everything.

“I smell trouble girls… let’s find it!” -Chiba

The other day.  I was outside chopping more wood, taking advantage of the good weather.  Within a few minutes Chiba, Sweet Pea and Riley were stepping out of the barn and peeking around the trailer to see what was “going down” around the farm.

“Oooh, look! Fresh cut logs and sawdust…”

Of course they had to know. And taste. And explore.

“Let’s all have a little taste and see how much shit we can knock over in the process…”

Then the fire pit became the focus of their curiosity…

“Hey Sweet Pea! Come here and check this out!” -Riley
“Hmmm… a fire pit full of fresh ashes.” -Riley
Ashes…. yum!
Twigs and ashes together… even better! -Chiba
“Dude, do I have ashes on my face?” Seriously? Don’t lie…” – Riley
“I wonder what we can get into next?”   – Sweet Pea

Then the hunt was on for new adventure…

“Hey look!” What’s that over there?” – Chiba
“Uh, Is this some kind of dance floor?”  – Sweet Pea
“Wow Chiba, you really DO have teeth!” – Riley

And that was enough goat adventure for one afternoon… ~A   (P.S. “Sweet Pea” is hopefully pregnant – with a due date of April 8th…) 



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