And the scale read…


128 Pounds! …

Oops, that was my weight this morning…  (Don’t make fun of my toes)

Yikes! Time to go on a diet…

Seriously, my current weight is a disaster. For me personally, anyway. But we’ll talk about that another time.  YOU were looking for Penny’s weight, right!

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Here’s one last clue…  It’s ten pounds less than 5x my weight.  But you suck at math don’t you?  Admit it.  So do I.  And I’ll spare you the suffering and suspense and tell you now….

650 Pounds!           

That’s a lot of pig…  By the way, Sean over at Skinny Girls & Mayonnaise guessed her weight at 600 lbs.  He was the closest.  Great guess Sean, you know your pork!

And the rest of you are still trying to figure out that math problem aren’t you?  ~A

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