A rude slap in the face

The other day, the morning looked like this when I woke up.


All balmy and so-so.  Not bad for November. But then the sun never came out.  It teased that it was going to, with the hint of a beautiful pink sunrise.  But then it gave up and just got all foggy and weird and that was how the rest of the day went.


I went about my normal business and did all the barn chores plus extra, to the point I was actually well ahead of things.  And I’m glad I was…


The next morning, Mother Nature showed up at an un-Godly hour, knocking at my back door. In her snow pants. Bloody laughing hysterically!  She sharply slapped me in the face with her cold icy hand when I opened the door.  That bitch! Damn her. I’m not ready for winter. Damn her all to hell!  She can be so rude and unforgiving this time of year. I know she secretly loathes the winter holidays… She likely had a juicy, yet tainted, tryst with Jack Frost at one time and is forever scorned…


So I soothed my battered self with a pot of beef stew.  What else could be done? Winter is here. *sniff*


No sense in arguing with that sort of nastiness when you can be inside eating hot stew and enjoying a nice fire, right?


So I spent the rest of that day sipping wine.  And dreaming of ordering seed catalogs and loading up the incubator with fertile chicken eggs come spring… ~A

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