Soooooo, if you remember this post from back in April, when I confessed my moment of weakness, then you know what I’ve been waiting for these last five months and twenty-five days.  (Not that I was counting…)


“But Amanda, you already have eggs” you might be thinking…  Friends, these are not those eggs.  I’m talking about the coveted blue and green eggs I’ve been drooling over on Instagram for so long. I had to have these for myself!

I had the “special” expensive chicks delivered in May and I’ve been patiently waiting for an egg from any one of them and today was the day. I found two small eggs in the nest box when I got home from work. Interesting. But they weren’t overly exciting.  They were about as vibrantly colored as milk of magnesia. With a hint of mold…

The chicken site shows you this picture on their webpage and gets you all excited….


And this one…..


So when your big day finally arrives and you see this….



Well, you know, you’re a tad disappointed. (I’m not sure they’re green or blue?). But thrilled none-the-less, because they ARE your chickens after all.  And they are a color other than plain old white.

And you love them anyway. ~A


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