Frost, Garlic & Puppies (Not to be confused with “Frosty Garlic Puppies”)

The first real hard frost came this morning.  Sigh. It was 30ºF when I took the dogs out for a pee. They didn’t waste time, with paws crunching through the frozen grass. There was even a thin sheet of ice on the horse trough. And the bird bath? Frozen solid.


But then it is the end of October. We’re just lucky over here in the Northeast that no flakes of the white stuff have come down yet. They will though.  They always do.

The end of October means its time to plant garlic.  So that’s on the agenda for this weekend.  I bought some expensive Russian Red Garlic to add in the mix for this year’s planting.  I’ll have to remember to mark it separate from the rest to see if can taste a worthwhile difference come harvest time.


Newsflash! My dog is pregnant. Here’s a “I haven’t had coffee yet” tired-ass look of me and Saffy this morning.  Because I was out of coffee, actually. But my dog is pregnant! She does not like coffee. She’s due sometime in the next ten days. I think.


And that’s it for now.  Anyone  in the market for a Jack Russle-Spitz-Beagle puppy? ~A 



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