I decided.

I decided it was finally time to harvest the pumpkins from the garden.  Three of them!  I should plant more next year. Three is hardly enough.


Then I decided it was time to harvest the rest of the cantaloupe as well…  I should plant LESS of those next year.  Much less.  I ended up with about 17 or 20 of them in all.


Then I watched the sky do weird things over the farm…


And decided to kill four chickens.  Because I try to do a few each weekend to stock up the freezer. And because I have too many right now. Of course I had to throw one in the pot for dinner too…


And then for a minute or two I stared vacantly at these five and half month old grey beauties that are supposed to lay gorgeous olive-colored eggs but still have not done so (as of yet).  And then I thought about eating them too, but I didn’t.  Because I really, really want green eggs… So i’ll wait, and keep calling them foul names in the meantime.


Firewood (slab wood as they call it around here) was being delivered and I got bored waiting for the truck to unload the bundles.  I amused myself by making an eyeball with some wish bones and a tomato.  I bet i’m the most creative person you’ve ever known, right?

And you probably are wondering why I save so many wishbones…

Then the wood was all unloaded…


And then I watched the goats and dogs amuse themselves on the pile of slab wood their new playground.


And then I decided to pour myself a fat glass of red and climb up to join the fun! Don’t worry – we’re all highly experienced climbers.  Okay, maybe just the goats are…


And then I watched the sky (through very dirty windows) do more weird things, while I thought about all the wood that now needs to be cut and stacked… Just a typical day on a weekend. ~A




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