Stuffed Peppers, my way…

The Mums are out in full bloom and the Indian corn is ready to harvest.  That means the cold, dreary weather is settling in soon. Even the temperatures are only going to be in the sixties this entire week.  So I bought some Mums and picked my Indian corn (to dry it) so I can make up “farmy” decorations for fall.  My corn actually turned out pretty nice this year, with some very good-looking ears.  I save seeds each year from a few of the ears then replant again the following year.  And after I’m done with my all-natural decorations, the goats, horses, pigs and chickens enjoy them for Thanksgiving. Nothing gets wasted or tossed to the garbage.


While I was picking the corn, I also grabbed a bunch of peppers, knowing the nights were going to be getting pretty chilly and I’d just end up watching them rot if I waited too much longer.


Then I thought, “what the hell am I going to do with all these peppers?”  Since it was a chilly evening I decided to make something a little spicy and comfort-food-ish.  I pulled out a pound of my farm raised italian sausage, an egg, and a jar of my recently homemade italian tomato sauce.


Then I whizzed up some stale homemade bread in the food processor, along with some poultry and italian seasonings, salt and pepper.


I mixed up the sausage (uncooked), egg and seasoned bread crumbs and stuffed some of the assorted larger peppers, covering them with the italian sauce, parmesan and mozzarella cheese. I also had some mushrooms in the fridge that were tired of hanging out and needed to be used up.  Like now…  So I threw them in whole, just for fun and because I really love fungi.


I baked it all in the oven at 375 degrees for just over an hour and it was exactly what I expected.  Perfect!  Dust it with extra parmesan, of course, because one can never have too much parmesan. My kitchen smelled like it belonged to an Italian Grandmother. And yes, spaghetti or other pasta goes with this dish lovely! ~A

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