Goats (and dogs) but mostly goats…

When it comes to pets, they are now saying that Goats are the new Dogs.


I can agree there are many similarities.  They love to play, jump and climb on things. They love getting treats, and they know and remember where you keep the treats (kitchen pantry).

They love to be held, brushed and scratched and come in the house to visit (and get treats). They give kisses and hugs believe it or not.  And unlike dogs, I don’t mind the goat kisses because I’ve never once seen a goat lick its own butt.  Just sayin’…


The down side is they’re pretty smart. They can smell and hunt down a young fruit tree and strip it of all leaves and branches in the blink of an eye. And your favorite rosemary bush goes down even faster…

They can jump high enough to tap dance on the hood of your vehicle until it resembles something that went through a bad hail storm.  And this actually happened to a friend of mine.  Her husband was so pissed when he saw his truck with all the golf ball sized dents and the cute little pygmies had to go.


And don’t ever leave them alone with a newspaper, magazine or paper money by any means! My neighbor’s goat consumed a twenty-dollar bill a few weeks ago.  They forgave their little “Anna” but were pretty hot about it all for a few days.


My little Riley hasn’t done anything rotten yet. But she will. It’s only a matter of time. They can’t help themselves. As a goat owner you just have to know and accept this reality and all will be well.

On the other hand, my big, robust, Chiba is always finding and getting into trouble of some sort. But I love her to death.  And I always forgive her.


And lucky for me she’s too fat to jump.  ~A

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