Thankful Thursday 07.21.16

Here we are and it’s Thursday again already.  I’ve been so busy trying to keep up with everything, and now things are about to get even busier.  And I love it! Canning season is just around the corner here, and I’m looking forward to it.



When my kitchen is hot from the summer heat, and the pressure cooker hisses away on the stove,  jars and piles of veggies cover the counter tops, and the smell of tomato sauce fills the air, it always reminds me of my late Grandmother. I loved watching her can applesauce, tomatoes and green beans.  Although I have to admit, her pressure cooker scared the bloody hell out of me back then.  I always thought it would just possibly explode. But oh man, the smells that wafted through her kitchen.  Life was good…


It appears the garden will be more generous this year, even without much rain. I keep forgetting to take a picture of my other garden for you.  I guess because it seems insignificant to me compared to the main one.  Likely, because the only plants in it are a blueberry bush, three fig trees, cantaloupe, some basil, rosemary, lavender and a few very small sunflower plants that volunteered on their own. But hey, it’s still a garden of sorts, right? And if I’m really lucky, the figs will winter over well and I’ll have luscious sweet figs at my fingertips next August.


The tomato plants are as tall as me almost.


This is going to be one big-ass Cherokee Purple tomato…



The pumpkins are growing nicely.


As well as the watermelons… By the way, watermelons and moonshine make lovely summer cocktails. In case you didn’t know.


Really, everything in the garden looks great at the moment.  I’m still waiting for the beans to start producing, but I’m patient. And thankful.  Oh and hey! I bought a new piglet last Saturday.  So, just in case my gilt is playing tricks and isn’t really pregnant, I’ll have a hog for backup freezer meat over the winter.   Soooo, what’s growing in your garden? ~A






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