Thankful Thursdays 6.30.16


I’m thankful I haven’t totally lost my ass in the stock market after last week’s whole “Brexit” fiasco. But then, hysteria rarely drives the markets for long… Or anything else for that matter.


I’m thankful that, although it wasn’t as productive as planned due to weird winter weather, the garlic (what’s left of it) has been harvested and hung to dry.  I don’t recall the variety I planted this year, but it didn’t produce scapes and it doesn’t smell as pungent as past varieties.  As for taste, I haven’t sampled any yet to find out. But it looks lovely anyway  : )



I’m very thankful for the warm summer days that are finally here, and these big old shag bark hickory trees I have on my property. If you listen close, they whisper secrets when the breeze blows. I’m thinking about making homemade wind chimes to hang from their branches.


I’m thankful for good neighbors that aren’t too close, yet close enough if you should need them.


And for secret paths…for the times when I need to hide away from the world for a while… ~A



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