Thankful Thursday 6.16.16

Here we are back to Thankful Thursday already.  I’ve neglected to post since last Thursday due to, um, well a lot of farm work and other things going on.  But here we are, so I will start with that, here we are.  Above ground, rather than below, and I am thankful for that certainly.

As I write this post, I am also thankful I’m eating what has to be the best tuna salad I have ever tasted. It has hard-boiled eggs in it!  I picked it up for lunch at a little Polish market here in Cleveland.  The shop looks like it hasn’t changed since, well, 1934 when it was established. But in a good way.


Next, I’m extremely grateful the first cutting of hay has been cut, baled and tucked away in the barn loft.  It was all finished just before the rains came.  Perfect!  And let me tell you, one of the sweeter things in life is climbing up into the loft to smell the sweet green hay and admire your majestic stack of hard work.  It makes one sleep better at night.  I swear on it.


I’m thankful for my job in the city, which allows me to keep this farm going and buy more animals than I really need.  Like the two goat doelings I picked up at the auction last Monday. I really didn’t need them, but I’m not sure my fat goat will ever get pregnant again, so these two might be my future goat milk supply.  Hopefully. And I love goats! But more on those two cuties later…


And last for today, I’m thankful I can cook.  Now I can go try to recreate some of that fabulous tuna salad.  ~A




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