Thankful Thursday

I’ve decided I’m going to make a conscious effort to remind myself of some of the things I’m thankful for… on Thursdays!  Don’t get me wrong – of course I’m very thankful everyday.  But why not make one day of the week a designated day to focus on it?

Today I’m going to start with this simple pig.  “Penny” is her name. And  I’m thankful I’ve received the opportunity to raise this pig from a five-week old piglet, up to now, as a one and a half-year old gilt.  No specific breed (that I know of?). She’s a mutt so to speak.


She’s a doll of a pig, very friendly and loves her back rubs.  And food! I can’t forget her food… Especially black oil sunflower seeds, eggs and any kind of fruit.  And as a real treat once in a while, an unfortunate chicken that wanders into her stall.  But who am I to judge another’s food choices?


I’m also thankful that she hopefully is pregnant and will put food on my table and in my freezers, and other people’s tables and freezers.  Again, hopefully in the near future.


So I’m playing the waiting game, wondering if she is, or isn’t pregnant.  Her last noticeable heat cycle started last February 14th.  I haven’t noticed another since.  Given that a pig’s gestation is 114 days, this would put her due anytime between June 7th and June 28th, depending on when (or if) she was covered by the boar.  And Onslow, the boar, is most definitely not interested in her anymore, so this also makes me assume she is pregnant. Right?


Ah the waiting game…  Not for those with limited patience. I can assure you that!  ~A

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