Into the Wild

Going on a walk through the woods and fields to see what kind of edible things you can forage is one of the best ways to clear your head (and hide from people!) And, it just downright amuses me.

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It’s especially refreshing to go on such a walk when the sky is about to open up and unleash a glory of a storm.  The gardens did need some rain, and I needed a walk in search of the elusive wild patch of asparagus. So off I was…


The asparagus was found, and a lunch plan was beginning to transpire in my newly cleared-out brain.  My asparagus patch at home isn’t producing much of anything yet.  It still has about two years to go before it’s mature enough for a decent harvest. This wild stuff would have to do.


I assumed the asparagus I picked from the wild patch would be stringy and “woody.” It was a tad past its prime picking days, but to my surprise it was fine when cooked.  Likely because it was just picked minutes before it hit my saute pan, rather than sitting on a grocery shelf for days and days.


I had on hand mushrooms, peas, garlic, onion, peanuts, soy sauce, sesame oil, some cooked brown rice, and my newly found asparagus…


An oriental stir-fry was born!  And lunch was mine.  ~A


  1. So it sounds like you are in the upper Midwest somewhere, correct? You should be able to find some good mushrooms from time to time — morels? In southern California, I mostly find acorns and sage. {:-\ But sometimes in the spring after a good rainy season, we get beautiful chanterelles.

    1. Northeast Ohio actually. I have found morels in southern Ohio, but not yet here up North. I do have some beautiful “Hen of the Woods” now and again in the wooded area of my property. Also lots of lambsquarters, and wild plantain as well. Wild apples, strawberries and blackberries are everywhere! I bet Southern California has to be gorgeous – now I see where all the taco recipes come from! LOL Tacos are the best!


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