Who am I?

My little Billy still seems to be trying to figure out his existence and purpose here on the farm.


He’s quiet, and very thin, but continues to put on weight slowly.  And he has a name now! I’m calling him “Finn”.  And for no reason whatsoever… Just Finn.  Finny.  Finn-Finn…


The dogs have given up assuming that he’s a new play toy, brought home just for them.  Now they basically ignore him.  He’s just another farm resident.


Finn is becoming more friendly each day. At first you couldn’t get near him.  I had to chase him down each time I wanted to hold him or pet him.  Now he comes to his gate and asks for a scratch behind the ears. And I can confidently let him run around the yard now on his own.


Chiba cares for little Finn like he was her own for the most part.  She seems to be pretty content having another goat around to hang with. Though, he’s not helping her diet any.


For now the diet will have to take the backseat so the little guy can get enough to eat and make sure he keeps growing. ~A


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