Rabbit Updates

I’ve been busy the last few days with Mother’s Day (Mom came to visit!) But now, she has traveled back home and I’m back in farm girl mode.

Today I’m giving you a quick update on the bunnies that were born just recently.  This will give you an idea of just how fast a meat-rabbit grows. They’re ready to eat somewhere between 8-12 weeks of age you know.  That’s a pretty quick turn around.  If I had to live in the city and couldn’t raise chickens or pigs, I would choose to raise meat rabbits in a heart beat.  They’re quiet, easy and cheap.  And you won’t be breaking any laws!

04/28/16   Here they are at one or two days old…


05/08/16  And here, only ten days later… little eyes are opening and the color of their fur is changing. Soon they’ll be leaving the nest box and starting to explore.


On another note, I went to the local livestock auction on Monday to sell some pigs, and then came home with a new addition to the farm.  *Hint* It’s white and has four legs.  Any guesses? Check back on Thursday and I’ll show you what I bought…~A


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