A Quick Visit to Miles Market

I neglected to frugally throw something together for my work lunch yesterday and decided to head over to Miles Market for a salad.


This market has been around for 43 years.  It originated as a small, open-air market selling local farmer’s produce.


These days, in addition to produce, they sell bakery, meats, cheeses, oils, wine and much, much more.

And get this – they sell TWELVE varieties of chicken eggs. Who needs twelve varieties of chicken eggs?  I didn’t get to gawk over eggs today because I was pressed for time on my lunch hour. And because, thankfully, I have plenty of my own eggs right in my backyard.


Don’t feel sad for me because I only have four measly egg choices on my little farm: “brown,” “white,” “small” and a mysterious pink one on occasion.  I’m quite happy with that.  But I am also waaaaay stoked about the new chicks that arrived in the mail today (more on that later). And God willing,  in late summer I’ll be adding olive and blue to the egg choices. I wonder if Miles Market offers odd color varieties as one of their choices?


How about these brown tomatoes?  I have to be honest here, I have never to my knowledge had the privilege of eating fancy looking tomatoes like these. I’m guessing they’re an heirloom variety.  I should have bought one to try, but again, I was in a bit of a hurry.  Next time.


Cheeses are one of my favorite reasons to visit this market…


My salad was not amazing, but edible (and large).  I’m not a fan of tasteless chicken breast (that I can bet wasn’t free-range) nor was I thrilled with the hard-boiled egg, that I can definitely assure you came from a hen who never saw the sun. The yolk was so pale and tasteless.  Poor hen.


I bought all of this food for exactly $41.00 US dollars (there’s a small container of blueberries under the salad you can’t see).  Wow cheese is expensive! Hell everything these days is expensive. Though having made cheese at home before from the milk of my own goat, I can understand its higher cost.

Regardless, Miles Market has some quality local food (and wine) to be had.  And though it’s generally a more expensive store overall, good deals can be had and the food is always of much higher quality than any local grocery chain. By far.


It was so nice to get out of the office for a lunch break and daydream about all the vegetables that I could be growing in my own garden.  ~A



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