Bunny Updates


As anticipated, bunnies were born around April 27th or 28th of last week.  I peeked in the nest box and plucked on out on Saturday, and looking at the amount of fur it had, I guessed it to be about two days old. They’re born nearly hairless.


They’re not much to look at in the first two weeks.  They open their eyes at about 9-10 days after birth, and from there on they start getting really cute, leaving the nest periodically and bouncing all over the place.


Not wanting to disturb the mothers or the babes, I didn’t attempt to count how many there were this early on.  In a few days I will do a count, and then I can plan how many to sell and how many to put in the freezer later on, and when to breed for the next litters. If I can remember (i’ll make note on the barn board!) I’ll try to take a photo of the little buns’ growth progress each week. They grow crazy fast.

I gave the Father bunny the good news on his offspring.  Can you tell how proud he is about it? ~A


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