The weekend is here, and I’m scrambling to make my list of things that need to be done. The garden plants (as you may have noticed from my previous post) are definitely due to be transplanted into larger containers so they can continue to grow larger until its time to move them to the garden.


I also need to check in on the rabbits. According to my barn note board, babies should have been born recently.  And speaking of the note board, it needs some updating.  It’s where I keep track of all the breeding, worming and any other stuff I need to pay attention to regarding the animals.


Please pardon my “Broody Bitches” scribble in the lower right corner of the board.  I have the mouth of a pirate sometimes, I do confess. This is how I lovingly refer to my two hens who are sitting on eggs at the moment.  Why? Because they insist on screaming at me like a couple of demented Pterodactyls  any time I go near them.  It makes collecting the eggs in the adjacent nest boxes a real pain in the ass. Regardless…


My barn floor did not get swept last night when I finished up.  Actually, who am I kidding? It often goes without a good sweep.  I was tired and highly unmotivated with the cold, rainy weather we had yesterday.  And I’m not feeling guilty – it’s way more efficient to clean up a pile of turkey shit when it’s lightly dusted in hay and dirt.  It’s all about making work easier, right?


I’m going to have to buy a new trash can container for the horse grain soon, thanks to my sweet, precious, fat Chiba.  You can’t really tell in the picture, but when the feed gets low she crushes the can down with all her weight to get to the food. Because of this, its starting to crack down the sides.  She’s a total can-crusher.  And sometimes even a man-crusher, if you catch my drift.


Anyway, when I get a new can, I’ll make sure it comes with a lid and that should solve the problem straight away.  Or I could just lock her out of the tack room.  But where’s the fun in that? ~A


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