It’s Happening Again

People are tugging at me from all directions wanting to visit the farm.  It always happens this time of year.  They get excited when the weather warms up and have an itch to get away from the city.  They want to squeeze on some baby animals, or just sit around a camp fire and drink brew, staring at the stars.  I can’t blame them.  The city is not my place. I hate it. And I don’t know how anyone can stand it for more than a few hours.



I am fiercely reminding myself today of how I let my summer get away from me last year.I found myself with no weekend time for me.  It was all for guests and visitors. I ended my summer full of resentment.  Gone were my precious summer weekends.  And then it was winter…


Don’t get me wrong here. Its not that I didn’t enjoy seeing people.  I did. But then it really just got to be too much.

And now it’s not even May yet, and I’m watching the whole scenario begin to unfold again.


Some feelings are going to be hurt. So be it.  But I can’t give my precious “me time” away so freely again anymore.  And I won’t. I’m taking back my time (and my sanity) this summer.


For all of my visiting friends (relatives do not apply here) who read this blog, I hope you understand that my time is precious to me. I have to be selfish with it sometimes.  I can’t give my best attention to my farm and my animals if I don’t give space for myself to clear my head and enjoy the beautiful summer weekends alone, relaxing, on my farm. Forgive me?  ~A

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