The mystery chicken


A very energetic “Saffron” standing next to the ever-patient “Louie,” both gazing out over the pasture from the loft of the barn.  I wonder what they were looking at? Trouble to find and get into, I imagine.


Anyway, on Monday the chicks began hatching. Then, on Wednesday one teensy-tiny little quail hatched.  I was shocked!  I didn’t think a single one would hatch. Of course I was skeptical anything at all would hatch, remembering my previously failed attempt. But look!


Because the quail was so small, it couldn’t be put in the cage with the baby chicks (they would trample it to death). Instead, the little one had to stay alone, in the incubator.  It peeped and cried out in loneliness all night long.  I felt so sad for it.  I laid in bed wondering what the hell I was going to do with one lonely little quail if no others hatched.


But thankfully (to my relief as well as the bird’s) on Thursday morning the little peep had a room-mate.  Another quail had hatched.



Can you believe the difference in size of the two birds? Also, the white chick ( a Turken) is a total standout among its other twelve buddies, who are all dark. I have to wonder if one of my hens didn’t meander over to my neighbor’s and visit their rooster? Could there be such scandalous behavior among my flock? What horror!

At present, we have thirteen chickens and two quail that have hatched.  But who knows what I’ll find when I get home from work today? I’ll report back tomorrow…~A




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