My weakness confessed…


I had one of those “weak” moments the other day.  It could have been fear… My fear that once again none of the eggs in the incubator are going to hatch this coming Sunday-ish.  Or, it could have been my sheer boredom with how damn slow this springtime is creeping along.  Or that I’m an egg addict…

Whatever the reason, I promised I wasn’t going to do it.  I was just going to be content with what I already had.  Really. And then I did it anyway.

I am so, so weak…

I was browsing the My Pet Chicken site the other day and I really couldn’t help myself. I ended up ordering 5 Olive Egger Hens, 5 Blue Easter Egger Hens, and 2 Black Copper Marans roosters.

When it comes to chickens and eggs, clearly I have absolutely no self-control.

The chicks are due to be picked up at my post office on May 2nd, if everything goes as planned.  Really I am so ashamed of my self-control… And yet so giddy with excitement knowing I have some freakin’ cool egg layers on the way! ~A

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