What to do with quail eggs…


I’m lucky enough to own three little quail. Two females and one male. The Coturnix variety is the kind they are.  Sometimes they sing, and sometimes they make really odd noises?  Prolifically they lay eggs (except the male of course).  I get two eggs nearly every single day this time of year.


What do I do with all these little eggs? That’s what I found myself wondering after I had already shoved a dozen of them into the incubator and then ended up with yet another small pile of them.










I happened to have some canned beets in the pantry. So I hard-boiled the tiny eggs and then went about peeling them (not an easy task). And then I made up a solution of vinegar and juice from the canned beets, and made beet juice pickled eggs. One of my favorite things to do with eggs! I kept it simple, just vinegar (added to your liking) and the beet juice from the can, but there are many ways and recipes out there.12987170_10205840936374802_1560178236587890200_n

They came out great!  Just the perfect size for salads or snacking.


The way they look when beet-pickled  reminds me of Kalamata olives…

I’ll make these eggs often while the quail are laying. They really are a great and easy treat to keep on hand in the fridge. ~A

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