As predicted


Mother Nature delivered pretty much as promised by the weather forecast over the weekend. Cold, windy, and just plain nasty. Topped with more snow.  No fun for the animals or humans. Even the dogs were hesitant to venture out for a bathroom break…


Meanwhile, back in the barn, I spent time cleaning and tidying and visiting with all the animals. Handing out treats and giving everyone a good pat on the head.


The horses were brushed and cleaned, as best as could be, after being out in the mud and snow.


Everyone seemed glad to be tucked inside the warm, dry barn out of the wind and snow. Even Chiba the goat got a good brushing (she needed it), and then I also de-wormed the pigs and the goat as well. The pigs were easy – just pour the powder into their feed and they never suspect anything different.


The goat of course was another story.  Her de-worming medication is liquid, and has to be administered by syringe (no needle) straight into her mouth.  She puts up one hell of a fight, until she realizes its apple flavored and then she wants another serving after it’s all over. Goats…  ~A




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