Weekend Happenings


Sadly, I have no baby chick news to report yet.  No signs at all of anything trying to hatch.  I’m worried something went wrong with the incubator, causing temperature spikes and killing them all.  Or the eggs might have just been too frozen when I collected them.  I’ll give them two more days, then everything gets tossed into the compost and I start with a new batch. Very frustrating…


This past weekend was mostly all about horses.  Sometimes, I have to tune everything out and just go play.  I indulged in some horse back riding Saturday, and then an afternoon visit to a local horse show on Sunday.


It was a “fun show,” meaning anyone with a horse and any level of experience can participate. Scary, I know…


I did not participate in this one.  I came only to watch and learn the events, thinking I might give it a go at the next show in April.

This was my favorite rider.  A little girl and her pony, who were both very serious and very competitive.



They were the tiniest pair there! ~A

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