Do you get the feeling…


That winter is maybe, finally over?  All this fog we’ve been having in the mornings lately tells me the ground is starting to warm up. And that’s a good thing.


It means the farm will soon start to change from boring, boring brown to the most beautiful shades of green.  And the flowers will start blooming again!  Seriously, everything is the color of a shit pile right now…


I really need to make an effort soon to explore my entire property and see how things are looking.  It’s been over a month or more since I’ve visited the back acres down by the creek. That is so lazy of me doesn’t it? No more excuses though…Daylight saving time is back and now I have some light available when I get home from work. (Plus I could really use the exercise…)


I keep looking for signs of asparagus but nothing so far.  I forget its still only March. No tulips popping up yet either.  It can’t be much longer though.

The eggs in the incubator are not far from their hatch date of March 20th.  This Wednesday evening, before I go to bed, I’ll take them off the automatic rotating crate and lay them all flat on the floor of incubator. Why you ask?


Because this will allow the little chicks time to get into their hatching positions, and get their bearings straight before they go busting out of their shells into their new big world.  ~A

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