Signs of Spring

March is finally here.  The last leg of winter.  The welcoming of spring… and Easter just happens to be in March this year too!

The chickens are picking up pace in the egg-laying department.


Enough that I could finally load up the incubator with the hope of hatching the first batch of chicks for 2016.  I’ve been dying to load it since January, but I controlled myself like a good little farm girl!


Do you remember Lenny and Squiggy, my two meat pigs?  I posted about them back on February 12th.  Well, the time finally came on February 29th to send them off to Trumbull Locker.  They were perfect little pigs, and walked right onto the trailer with no trouble at all. This was because they’ve been on the trailer before, so it was not upsetting to them in the least.  Just another day on the trailer eating breakfast…


Squiggy (the runt) weighed in at 280 lbs live weight, and Lenny was a whopping 330 lbs.  This means I’ll be getting close to 400 lbs of packaged pork coming home to my freezer sometime in the next two weeks.  And I can feel good about eating pork with no hormones and no antibiotics, that ate a clean non-GMO diet…

While on an errand into town to pick up a much-needed new wheelbarrow, I also picked up some new things to plant around the farm.  More asparagus, some Chicago Hardy fig trees, rhubarb, red and yellow onion starts, and a couple of grapevines.  Now I just have to lay out an idea of where to plant everything!  Oh, and I’ll be starting some indoor seeds this weekend too.


I’d love to hear what all of you are planting this year.  Does anyone out there plant something unusual and out of the ordinary?  ~A


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