Lenny and Squiggy


It’s hard to believe these two pigs will be heading off to the butcher on March 1st.  They were so small when I brought them home.  Both were the runts of the litter.

Here you can see poor little Squiggy’s hernia – he’s the one in the back..

The smallest one had an umbilical hernia, but it wasn’t too serious and he healed well.  I doubted he would survive, he was very thin.  I named them Lenny and Squiggy.


But they both survived, and they grew up well.  Here it is seven months later and they’re ready to go into the freezer.


Sure, it’s never easy to say good-bye to them once you raise them up and get to know their individual personalities.  Lenny was more laid-back, and Squiggy was a pushy little pig, with no manners at all, who bit me all the time when he was smaller.

Onslow is in the middle – he’s my boar. Hopefully he and Penny will produce some offspring in 2016.

But they enjoyed a good pig’s life, with good pig company, romping around and living happily on the farm.  And I’m very grateful I was able to provide that for them. So thank you Lenny and Squiggy…~A

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