“Wants” vs “Needs”

I have a very long commute to and from the city Monday through Friday.  I really don’t mind the drive; it gives me tons of time to listen to Podcasts.  It also gives me tons of uninterrupted time to think.  Which always causes me to freak out about all the things I want to do, have to do, need to do, and just never seem to have enough time to do.  Very frustrating.


Today the snow came back for a visit.  It made the ugly city commute a little more easy on my eyes. This morning I found myself pondering when the warmer weather would come, and about all the things I want to do on the little farm this year.


Lately, i’m dwelling on what types of (and how many) fruit trees to add, and what kind of bushes and vines as well…blueberries, figs, grapes… I’m also having a chicken dilemma.  Do I splurge dollars and add new breeds to the flock or do I go the frugal route, bake up my own in the incubator and be content for another season?  I love the breeds I have, but I’d like to add more Marans for the chocolate-colored eggs, and maybe something to lay green and blue eggs as well. Not really a solid reason to allocate funds to that area, right?


I want to do way too many things.  I really want to start keeping Bees this year.  That would require taking the time to learn from someone how to do it, and then getting a couple of hives set up (more money).  I have a friend who keeps bees and would gladly teach me, but still, it would be another time commitment.


I also have a horse or two that should find a new home.  Not because I no longer want them, but it doesn’t make financial sense to keep them.  They don’t contribute to the farm in any way, and I just don’t have time to ride them both.  And horses are way too expensive to feed and keep, just to “have them around.”


And I most definitely have two pot belly pigs that serve no purpose what-so-ever and are NOT pets.  All they do is eat and crap.  Which makes me think of another “want.”  I want to build a smoke house this summer and hang those two pot bellies in it!  Another expense, and more time needed…

Now, what do I need?  What I really need is more fencing, a bigger barn, a larger garden, time to read and learn, time to paint my kitchen and living room…  I need my boar to do his job and prove that he can father some offspring with my gilt (girl piggy) that I can sell, and stock my freezer with.  And I really, really, really need the farm to start producing some sort of meaningful income!


How do you decide priority over your wants and needs?  I’d love to hear some good tips. ~A





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