Soy Sauce Pickled Eggs

Another pickled egg adventure…  So, how do you feel about soy sauce pickled eggs? Sounds different, right?



Food52 recipe was the choice for this round.  I dig soy sauce, and this recipe sounded interesting because it uses sherry vinegar.



One small note about this recipe is the difference in the amount of time the eggs sit in the brine. They only sit about six hours, rather than days, (mine sat overnight) in this recipe. Don’t over do it and let them swim too long!  And, if sodium is not your friend, you might want to skip this recipe all together. It uses quite a bit of soy sauce.


I hard-boiled my eggs a bit longer than what the recipe calls for. I didn’t want runny egg yolks. Runny yolks are fine for breakfast, but I wanted these eggs for snacking and salads. No slop!



So I made up the dark, coffee-looking brine and dropped in my home-grown, hard-boiled eggs, and this was the result….



I thought they were absolutely freakin’ gorgeous! And very fancy looking too

How’d they taste? Pretty darn good. The colors reminded me of honey bees when I sliced them up and tossed them on the plate.  Though I thought they were even better with chopped cilantro and wasabi on top. And I think it’d be fun to devil them too.  With wasabi of course…~A


You can find the full recipe with instructions, here at FOOD52.  Enjoy!

Makes 6 eggs

  • tablespoons warm water
  • tablespoon sugar
  • tablespoons sherry vinegar
  • 3/4 cup soy sauce (used low-sodium—if yours is regular strength, you might want to err on the side of shorter marinade time)
  • large eggs
  • Maldon or other flaky salt, for serving (sea salt works fine, thought they really don’t need salt)
  • Black pepper, for serving


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