Pork Tenderloin


The freezer is nearly empty of pork now, with only some odds and ends (no pun) remaining.  There are smoked hocks and jowls, some neck bones, a ham, one last pound of coveted bacon, and a couple of tongues.

And this was the last of my tenderloin, on which I used a recipe that I keep coming back to over and over again for my pork and rabbit. (I roasted some Brussels sprouts to go along)



The good news is, there are two pigs about ready to for a trip to the butcher.


And at the beginning of March or so, I have high hope of uniting Penny and Onslow in “hog matrimony.”  Or whatever you call it in a pig’s world…



I hope they adore each other, and Penny is not too overweight to get pregnant. All these things I stress over and shouldn’t until the time comes.

Back to the pork tenderloin…


This is another Food52 recipe that I found, and you can find the recipe there, or under the recipe tab on my website. One thing I do suggest is using fresh rosemary.   You get a better flavor, but dried works well enough if you have to make due. ~A

P.S.  I deglazed the pan with Sake, and added cold cubed butter to make a sauce for drizzling. Enjoy!

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