A January Sunday


Sunday started out as a nice and somewhat sunny morning.  I needed to walk the fence lines because naughty Dottie decided fences didn’t apply to her on the day before, and ended up in the hay-field instead of the horse pasture. It was a beautiful walk in the sun for mid-January.

She wasn’t happy to be caught where she didn’t belong…









I let the pigs out while I went to get busy repairing the fence.  It was a nice muddy day for the boys to do some serious rooting around.


Penny stayed inside taking a big long nap.  She had been out for a few hours earlier because I can’t let her out with the boys anymore, since Onslow is very, very interested in her now.  He needs to wait a while though, he’s only six months old and I think he needs another couple of months to catch up to Penny in size.


By the time I was through with the fence and brought the horses in, the skies had begun to change and darken, and the wind picked up considerably.  The temperature also dropped from 45 degrees down to 37 degrees.


I rushed and tucked everyone into the barn and told the “watchman” to keep an eye on things…


Earlier that morning I had killed a chicken for dinner while Penny was out playing in the mud, and since the weather was no longer making it nice to be outside…12417667_10205244227657457_4998035044013820921_n

I started finding plenty of amusing things to keep me busy inside.  When you visit tomorrow I’ll show you…  ~A

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