Quiet snow


The farm woke to a fresh snowfall this morning.  The air was crisp, the wind was blowing, and the cold made the morning chores a little less exciting.  Ten layers of clothing make dancing around chickens and climbing over pigs a bit more challenging.  But on the good side, frozen horse turds shovel like a dream!

And the new snow on the roads made the commute into work about thirty minutes slower. But it sure was pretty…


And my lovely hens…for the last month they’ve been on strike. Then all of a sudden in these past few days, the girls have been suprising me with 3-5 eggs.  Some are nearly chocolate-colored.  I’m trying really hard to keep my eyes off the incubator I just brought up from the basement yesterday morning…


In the meantime, these eggs are making fabulous hard-boiled snacks, topped with salty, briny caper berries. ~A



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