Old Gems #2 “The New Crisco”


A tad late, but this Wednesday gem comes from a small blue booklet (found inside the Book) that was produced to promote “The New Crisco” in the year of 1937. And its all about the Crisco!


Now, I am not sure what the “old” Crisco consisted of, but it must have caused some serious gastric grief for some, because all throughout the booklet it stresses many times how the new Crisco is “wholesome and digestible,” and “Crisco makes frying digestible…” Crisco can be served confidently to children and elderly folks and those with delicate digestions.”  It’s almost comical.  And a little scary. The old stuff must have really wrung your guts?


I found the oddest recipe in the book to be “Tomato Soup Cake.  I can’t say that I will ever make this one.  No, no thank you.

However, the Chocolate Peppermint Cake with white frosting sounded nice for the holidays…


And I did actually take interest in the Ham Cakes recipe, but would probably leave out the pineapple… Fried noodles anyone?


Here’s a view of the back of the little book.  A dollar book for twenty-five cents! What a bargain!

11219132_10205095100249365_2102142420184230574_n (1)

Those were tough times in the 30’s.  One woman remembered how hard it was for her parents to feed a family of five back then.  But she also remembered the food tasting better. Her mother canned everything they could get their hands on – blueberries, fruits, etc.  And she recalled how fresh their home-grown chickens and vegetables were. ~A


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