Do you see the pinkish-purple sky in the background to the Northwest?  That was the sky yesterday, warning the over-eager garlic that its time to go to bed until spring. But garlic just wants to grow with all the good weather we’ve had.

After two light frosts over the past month, winter finally welcomed itself back to the farm. Snow came this morning, but only a “dusting.”


I really don’t care for winter, but I know it has its purpose. The fruit trees require so many “chill hours” to bear fruit. Other than that, I can’t bring myself to think of any other good reason for it.  No mosquitoes? Maybe…


My hens are only laying only a few eggs each day now.  Egg rationing has begun.  And my egg customers are not amused. I still have to plug up entrances to all the hornets nests and get more firewood.  And I am not amused.


Two more work days left in the city, and then I am off to start prepping for Thanksgiving.  Ten people are on my guest list to cook for, and a twenty-two pound turkey is thawing as of yesterday.  I’ll begin working on the menu and putting the shopping list together this evening, and early Wednesday morning I’ll be off to the markets.  The turkey will go into my favorite brine recipe on Tuesday night. Pies will be baked on Wednesday evening.  The rest of the prep work will happen early Thursday morning.


The wine drinking will begin shortly thereafter…. ~A

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