5:04 p.m.


This is when the sun sets today.  Depressing to think such a thing, but even more depressing to realize it will get worse before it gets better.  I don’t see much of my farm, except on the weekends, when I’m not commuting back and forth to the city.


The pigs suffer for it too.  I can’t let them out to play in the pasture in the dark – too risky.  And by the time the days will start to get longer, and more pleasant, it will be time for the little spotted oinks to head off to the butcher.  At least for now their weekends are a load of fun romping around.


Also by the time the days get longer and better, hopefully this big pig, Penny, will be creating some new oinks on the farm (with some help from Onslow, the new little boar).




On another note, Thanksgiving is coming and I still have no turkey.  I’ll be serving nine guests this year.  Would it be wrong of me to serve pheasant and ham?  I think I like this idea.  Something new. Something different.  Why not?  But then, some people only eat turkey once or twice a year….I’ll get a turkey and keep with tradition. ~A

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